Thursday, August 22, 2013

Day 8: The Start of Week Two

My 5K running app started its second week today and, as such, so did I.  Best not to get on the wrong side of Ned just yet!  The running intervals got LONGER ... yikes.  I did head off early by my standards but probably not for anyone else, it was just after 9am when my shoes felt the pavements of Tiong Bahru.  It was fairly hot by then (~30 degrees) and there was plenty of traffic on the roads as I hit the concrete jungle today.

Hello Great World City ... no shopping today sadly, just
passing by!
 My late start made for some interesting (precarious) road crossings as I tried to negotiate my way towards Great World City without stopping at the many, many traffic lights.  I am pretty certain this is the downside of not having any clue where you are going and no road plan handy.  It also made my run times longer as I had to run almost every road I crossed (these are not narrow roads people, far from it ... imagine 4 lanes each lane side) and they occurred mostly through my walking cycles as no luck would have it!  I did manage to run every cycle and probably had only one more run in me when I was asked to warm down by Ned ... perfect timing as I think the next cycle would have had a lot of clock watching in it otherwise ;o)

Best part of my running session today was rounding the corner for home having cooled down and seeing these two handsome chaps about to cross the road ... low and behold, they had my coffee, hot drinks for everyone else AND morning tea for the tribe from Tiong Bahru Bakery!  Outstanding timing boys, I owe you one.

Such a good sight to see!
So good so far but I am sure there will be hard weeks ahead where I have to revisit the week before moving on ... but as far as I'm concerned any progress is good progress and I am currently lapping those still on the couch!

first day I have had sounds in both ears ...
momentous occasion for me, first time in
eight years I have run with music ... yay, me!

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