Saturday, August 17, 2013

Day 3: Running and some Race Registrations!

The courts and track at Bukit Timah are full of so many people doing something
its almost like a festival of fitness every . single . day ... awesome place
Today we get further from the couch and closer to 5ks with W1D2 and a 30 minute workout.  The legs felt a bit stiff yesterday morning but apart from that no issues after the first run.  I actually looked forward to running today, must be those happy endorphins playing with me ... yeah, there is no way I have exercised that strenuously or continuously yet to reach such giddy heights but a positive attitude always help before you go out on a very humid day!  

This was the temp two hours after I started

Change of scenery today, I really wanted to join all the other hopefuls on the track at Bukit Timah in Singapore.  I have spent lots of time at the track this week watching my nephew training to get fit for the football season.  It was very motivating watching everyone from Singapore's track team, to highly motivated runners, to retirees, to football kids, to the plodders (like me) work their way round the track to reach their individual goals.  It was time for me to join in today and sweat with them :o)

I really needed that positive attitude today, I found my legs didn't want to move as fast as I wanted them to!  By the time we got to the track it had been baked in sun for the day and I felt hot just walking out there let alone running.  Lucky the vibe out at CCA is so awesome you just want to do it regardless of how your legs feel and I did do it and managed all the running segments which made me feel so proud.  Ned and I weren't the best of mates today, I clock watched a bit during the running phases and, once again, didn't drink enough water earlier in the day.  Came away with a headache thanks to a lack of water, but was really pleased with how quickly I recovered from the run afterwards ... Bonus!

Ok, I have made some progress with finding some races in New Zealand I can work towards completing.  The first one is a 5k race I promised Caryn I would do on the first of December.  I found one in Auckland, the ADRA Charity Run that goes around the Auckland waterfront and has no hills ... a good idea me thinks for the beginner 5k race runner!  Registrations open shortly and I am excited there are some friends and family that have said they will run it too ... nothing like having others to support and inspire you.

The other event I have registered for is the Run Auckland 2014 series.  The series takes in 6 races at different locations around Auckland and takes place between March and July.  Competitors get the choice of participating in the 5k or 10k at each event and the sixth race also includes the Run Auckland Half Marathon ... perfect timing as its about a year away, SWEET!  

Well that's about it for today, run and dusted ... Two day break before there is any further movement away from the couch towards 5k which is a little sad.  However, it gives me a chance to explore the food side of things more and let you know what my family are doing to support me and also join in :0)


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