Thursday, August 15, 2013

Day 1: Done and Dusted

Day one has been and gone and I succeeded in doing the W1D1 workout on the 10k Runner app I downloaded to get me started on this road to health and fitness.  Now don't be confused, the app also has a 5k program and that's what I am using.  It worked brilliantly I didn't need to keep watch checking as a lovely man, lets give him a name and go with Ned, told me when I needed to slow to a walk and speed up to a run and even let me know when I was halfway through todays workout. Ned and I got along famously.  Of course it could have been because todays workout was only 25 minutes long and not too taxing AND to top it off Ned gave me a merit badge for finishing :o)

Actually the only hard part of todays effort was the heat and the humidity.  I went this morning and by Singapore standards it wasn't too hot, a mere 29 degrees (Celsius).  But alas for the beginner runner it was blisteringly hot and the humidity didn't help.  The cold shower after the run helped and the long black that was waiting for me at Forty Hands shortly thereafter helped even more!

A couple of picks below of where I ran, it was mostly around the park, down to the Tiong Bahru market and, so I didn't get lost, around a lamppost and back home in the same direction taking in one side street that was tree lined and looked too pretty not to run down. 

Quick thanks for all the lovely support, it is so nice and completely MOTIVATING so thank you very much!

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