Sunday, August 18, 2013

Day 4: Getting the Family Moving

I am so lucky I have a very supportive immediate and extended family, not to mention my dear friends who are like family.  Heaps of them have offered support, coaching, medical assistance, and to run with me too ... even my peeps!  I love that the peeps want to support me and to encourage them increase their own fitness I have also entered them in the kids series Run Auckland, with a little bribe for each race they run in ...  like I said, I want them to participate and support my fitness and, more importantly, theirs over the longer term and bribery has always worked for me as a mother!

 My biggest peep, Ben, saw my 10K Runner app and told me he had seen a similar running app he wanted to try out.  Its called Zombies, Run!  Its an adventure that gets you to run further and faster the more missions you do.  There is a 5K Beginners Zombie, Run! app that Ben is going to do after trialing the full version which he has absolutely loved.  Its perfect for boys and adventurous girls that want to get fit and get some adventure gaming in too!

Zombies, Run!
We tried a mission out with Pollyanna, my youngest peep but she was not at all fussed on the zombies chasing after her, which I can completely understand.  It took a bit of searching but I finally found a "girls" couch to 5K app called Run!Alice.  So far so good, Polly loves the journey bringing Alice back to the castle ... not totally loving the Witch that runs after her because, lets be honest, Singapore is a pretty hot, humid place to start a fitness program!

Speaking of not loving things, it pays to have some appropriate running gear we have discovered. If money is an issue check out the fitness outlet stores for some of last seasons running clothing and accessories.  I made the fatal mistake of sending the kids out in loose cotton tees and shorts only for them to get rubbing rashes from the thick material.  Not the best idea when you want them to keep up the training and come out with you again AND enjoy it!

The peeps new running gear ... no more rashie booboos!
We went to Queensway Shopping Center (an outlet mall for fitness fanatics) today and kitted out the kids in some Dryfit running gear and some socks that are designed for runners and don't slip in their shoes.  Blisters are a really bad idea in heat and normal sports socks just haven't cut the mustard this week.  Lessons learned and I am slowly rectifying them as we go along on this running journey!

In other news, Mo (my sister) took us to Haw Par Villa today and it has got to be the weirdest place I have ever been to!  Its hilarious, the sculptures and art are amazing and incredibly macabre all at the same time.  The kids were amazed, disturbed, delighted, and confused all at once and totally enjoyed the adventure.  

Haw Par Villa ... Constructed by the Tiger Balm Creators
Sculptures Galore
Multiple King Kongs anyone!
It was a nice gentle walk for my day off from Ned.  Mo tells me Ned will be even more delighted with me tomorrow as we are off to Pulau Ubin for a cycling adventure!

Until then, take care xx

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