Monday, August 19, 2013

Day 5: Cross Training, or a Day Trip

It's really hard to know what I did today ...  Mo took all our peeps and I to Pulau Ubin today for a bike ride.  It is such a beautiful place and only a short boat ride from mainland Singapore but you feel like you are miles away from anywhere.  There is no modernisation, the taxi drivers snooze in a shade hut while waiting for customers, the main street is about 50m long and consists of only bike shops and eateries.  Its like walking back in time, its quiet and very laid back.

Main Street
We hired some bikes and took off on a bike ride around the island.  There are very few vehicles so completely safe for bike riding with kids and they loved that they could own the roads!  The scenery is stunning and untouched, which is great when you are meandering up gentle inclines and you forget that the pedaling is taking a little more effort.  There is a parking lot for bicycles up the top part of the island where you can dismount and take a walk down to the water and along some great boardwalks.  Two hours later, ~10Ks biked and walked, and a few small but daunting hill climbs later (a lot of which were done pushing bikes up rather than cycling up!) we arrived back at the pier hot, sweaty, and exhausted!

Bike Hire ... VERY expensive at $2 for the day!
It was an awesome day trip that combined some fun exercise for all of us and deserved a good soak in the pool once we arrived back at the condo.  The legs are a little sore tonight so tomorrows run should be interesting!  That and the fact I have to get up really early in the morning to do it before we venture across the border to LEGOLAND Malaysia.  I can't wait, bricks and I have a long history and its like a dream come true to take my peeps their with my sister and her two ... so a big day that starts with the last run for the first week in my quest to run 5K!

It was so safe for the kids so it's perfect for a family
The boardwalk ... a really cool loop circuit that takes you
down to the waters edge
While my bike was parked up it got ransacked by the
local monkeys looking for food!
Did I mention that I am not a morning person ... like, not at all ... I generally like coffee to drink before I talk .... and about an hour before I have to function .... even longer if you want me to use my brain ... yeah, not a morning person not even close!

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