Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Still Running, The Posting Just Went Wayward

Beautiful Spring day for running
Ok, I have now changed countries and while I have made sure the running hasn't stopped, the posting did for the last several days as I am shattered.  I have been away from home in Otane for seven weeks and during that time I don't think I stopped ... too much fun and way to many things to do and enjoy.  I even came home to a small party to thank our builder, plasterer, kitchen maestro, and the lovely Vanessa from Mitre 10. Today I sat down and stopped and in doing so I became really really tired!

Before I sat down and stopped I took the peeps up to Hawkes Bay Sports Park for a run.  What a beautiful place, nobody was there when we arrived and it made me think back to the atmosphere at the cca in Bukit Timah and miss it greatly.  However, the scenery was beautiful, the track was premo, and the sky was brilliant blue.  Halfway through our session we were joined by a cross fit group and some runners who looked like they needed a break from their day jobs!!

I have now completed W3D2 and its fair to say the running is becoming more prevalent in each session and I have also realised I don't work well with two days rest so I am going to run every second day.  It will make my weeks six day weeks but two days rest isn't currently working in my favour as the legs seem to cease up.  If it works out to be too much this way, I may look at going back to a seven day week and adding in a walk to the week instead but I'll try the six day week first.

My next post will be a little more enthusiast but for now that's about all I can muster!  Singapore I MISS you, New Zealand it is NICE to be home :0)

This is why I need more muscles, too much shopping!


  1. I'm using Jeff Galloway's half-marathon program for beginners. He recommends a brisk walk in that two day period. Rests the legs without having them seize up :0)

  2. Forgive me wife for I have sinned..... It has been over a week since my last runday..... But I managed to get out today!