Thursday, September 5, 2013

Three Weeks of Running Done and Dusted!

It was COLD ... Spring has temporarily disappeared!
BUT today it was forced ... really forced!  It was freezing outside and inside the fire was going and I have a thousand jobs I want to get done, as you do when you move into a new home.  The morning passed by and I did not feel the need to venture outside, I was having way too much fun helping my girl peep sort out play with her Lego.

I eventually got out the door and started my last session for week three when it started to rain :0(  It was a big change from the 30+ temperatures I have been used to in Singapore.  I must have looked hilarious, I had BRIGHT pink shorts on and I had completely red legs from the single digit temperature mixed with pouring rain and wind chill :0D ... mmmm, probably not my best look of the week!  I got home and felt pretty proud I had continued and done the run even in those conditions.

Three weeks done and I am starting to think about additional ways of increasing my fitness so the running becomes easier.  The legs don't want to give out on the runs but the breathing could be a whole lot better.  For me that means incorporating some walking into the off days, along with some toning exercises and a strengthening of my non-existent core.  When I started Caryn advised me that running requires a strong core as it makes it easier and more comfortable.  I know as a result of back surgery last year I don't have a particularly strong core.  If I had bothered to use my core muscles over the last thirty years I probably wouldn't have had any lower back issues ;o)  I have made progress in this area, I now know where it is and can turn it off and on ... and that's pretty much where my core excitement stops!  My goal over the next couple of days is to find a beginners guide to developing core strength and incorporate that in as a daily habit.  

Tomorrow I'll let you know what the toning and core activities are going to entail and we may also have a change in the diet coming up .... xx

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  1. Good job running in the rain. I don't do that and have been lucky to get my runs in between downpours (there have been many here this summer).

    Get some long running pants/tights (don't know the technical term). They are comfy and warm (less chaffing too, bonus!).