Saturday, September 7, 2013

Fitness Apps

As promised I have been busy organising some apps for toning over the last day and have found some good ones.  I have been spurred on to put some toning into the daily fitness regime by a friend of mine but it actually started at a get together at our house last weekend.  I was busy trying to recruit runners for the 5K on the first of December.  Some bright spark (Alana Mill you are trouble!) decided we needed to do some exercise right then  ... there is nothing like peer pressure so five females took to the floor to tone our abs and butts while waiting for Otane takeaways to make it home!!  

As is the way nowadays, two minutes after the idea was mooted an app had been downloaded and we were into our first five minute butt toning exercise session.  Two days later the pain set in and it became apparent some toning should be continued ;0)   I am all in favour of doing things with others so when one of my dear friends thought we should Skype each other six evenings to continue on, I was all for it!  I figured it was pointless having a gorgeous J Lo butt in the future if other parts of me weren't also toned, especially as I need a well toned core for my running endeavours.  After some app research I have downloaded ab and arms workouts to go with the butt one.  All of them have varying degrees of difficulty and last between five and ten minutes so they are perfect for slotting into the day without impacting on your time too much ... And BONUS they were all free too!!

So this week the anti has been upped and toning will hopefully be taking place all over the body!  Tomorrow I will be posting on a new diet I am undertaking for the next 30 days starting tomorrow ... yikes, the body won't know what's hit it!!

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