Sunday, September 8, 2013

Its a Paleo kinda day or 30 DAYS!

I have been taking lots of advice about food, and as I've said before I've been in a quandary about what the next step to take should be.  Apparently if you wait, the answer will come hunt you out and tell you where you are next heading without needing to do anything!  My dear friend and running mentor Caryn spent time chatting with her Nutritionist Mikki Williden last week and has been convinced to do a Paleo Diet for 30 days, more commonly referred to as Whole30.  I emailed her back to see if she wanted some company on this journey and as we both like doing things with others, she of course said yes!  So today I organised myself into a Paleo lifestyle!

Paleo is all about whole foods and no gluten, sugar, dairy, potatoes, legumes, grains, and cereals. This is a way of eating that loves unprocessed foods which are mainly protein rich with plenty of nourishment from vegetables as long as they aren't starchy.  There is also no allowance for caffeine or alcohol!  For me Paleo seems like the next logical step in refining my eating habits so they are healthy and wholesome 95% of the time.  Since being gluten and dairy free I have had a reliance on sugar ... especially where my coffees are concerned!  Going from milk laden lattes to long blacks was a step too far without adding in a sugar ... the sugar was the saving grace for my long blacks and now I'm addicted to the sugar in my coffee :o)

Many of you know there are few things I do in life without consulting Pinterest, so to get over the initial fear at what I had signed up to for the next 30 days I began my Pinterest research!  I gathered so much information and so many recipe ideas my new Paleo board started filling up quickly!  There was so much information, the recipes all looked awesome, and I moved from fear to excitement ... thank you Pinterest.

I have a goal to lose 10kgs by Christmas, ambitious yes, doable certainly!  So I have weighed myself and put it into a tracker.  Caryn then informed me once I had weighed myself I wasn't allowed to weigh myself again until the 30 days were up ... ok, a little fear again but I am game and it is only for 30 days.   I will be letting you know how I am going with this and you will see some recipes sourced from Pinterest appearing on this blog over the next month that are all Paleo certified!

I am REALLY hopping this change in diet helps with the running because it was insanely hard today ... I got through the session, but only just.  I think week four will have to be redone before I will head to week fives sessions.

At least the sun was out!

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