Friday, September 20, 2013

Week Four ... Better late than NEVER!

I had some company while out walking the other day ... slightly different
experience from exercising in Singapore!
Week four of the running app and its ok, I managed to run it today and not spend the next hour recovering ... whoohoo!  Actually I was talking on the phone for the whole session and it passed by relatively painlessly.  Maybe that's the answer, occupy yourself chatting to someone else and the pain doesn't stand a chance ... Tracy we may need to chat again on Sunday!  While the running progress is slow at least its still going and on the days I am not running I am still walking for ~40 mins.

The change in diet has definitely altered my energy levels the last two weeks and its only now I am starting to feel like they are making a comeback to something comparable to normal.  There is no doubt that the Paleo change is taking a lot of learning and some things I still haven't got quite right.  It might be that i need to redo it or keep it going for longer than the suggested 30 days.  For example, I was sent some free Frooze Balls with my organic groceries this week and oh my gosh they were divine.  It wasn't until I had eaten all five I realised they contained carob and that's on the banned Paleo list ... ooops, if you haven't tried these babies DO!  There are several rookie mistakes I have made like this over the last ten days and it has definitely made me realise how very limiting ... and extremely expensive ... eating this way is.

Having said that eating whole foods is very satisfying and I am really enjoying the flavours of the meals I have made and adapted over the last almost two weeks.  The fact I have spent almost $1000 on food for four since I began isn't a fabulous statistic and something I definitely can't continue to do.  I read a web conversation recently about how its cheaper to eat whole foods than it is to eat takeaways so what's the problem with us all .... yes, probably true but it's not cheaper than eating processed foods and that's where I think we as a nation struggle when trying to make the right health choices.  I spent $8 on organic honey as the sweetener for our salad dressings yesterday ... I could have purchased 3kgs of completely processed, bleached sugar for the same amount :o)  And when feeding two peeps and the adorable husband and there are no grains or starches to fill the stomach, that makes for a lot more protein each and every meal and that extra expense has really added up ... not to mention the bacon bill!

At some stage on this journey I am going to have to find the middle road as this is currently not sustainable.  It does make me wonder though, how do middle New Zealand afford to feed themselves a wholesome, beneficial diet without reverting to spaghetti on toast or two minute noodles that are so cheap and easy to serve to an entire family?  For now I will grow more veggies than I currently do, especially lettuces and tomatoes and hope that helps us through the summer!  

I've entered another race ... this one I will be walking :o)  Not running but
still lapping all those on the couch!

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