Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Whole 30 - Day Two

More omelette looking than yesterdays attempt ... it was delicious, I was starving!
 Started with my morning fruit ... a banana, followed by a 4km walk and then home for breakfast.  I was HUNGRY, which I think is a win because I looked forward to breakfast even if it was full on savoury with no hint of a carb :o)  I used last nights leftover pasta-free chicken bake to fill my omelette this morning.

Lunch came as an inspiration from my sweet mum ... stuffed kumara.  I baked the kumara (sweet potato) whole and then scoped out the insides and mixed the kumara insides with half an avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and ham.  Then poked it all back in the kumara case, salt and peppered in and it was done and looking superb!!  So good and so hungry was I that I forgot to take a photo before devouring it .., oops :o)  I'll definitely be having it again so will take a photo next time.  It was really good and the avo made the mix quite creamy and not dry which was really nice.

Dinner was a quick affair as I was late getting home from the gym and exhausted as I made sure to do lots of moving today ... maybe a little too much as I am knackered which just makes me want to eat popcorn :o(  I sauteed off more mushrooms and the remaining leftover roast beef, added it to the top of a lettuce salad, and diced half an avo on top.  It too was delicious and also got eaten before I remembered the photo.

So by way of gratuitous eye fodder here is the Fitbit breakdown of my active day ... not too bad even if I do say so myself and that included a weights session that never earns you any miles!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Two Years On

It tasted better than it looks!
Two years on and I only have 6kgs of weight to lose and have decided to do another round of Whole 30 ... but this time do it right as opposed to the Paleo version which allows for sweet treat concoctions like bliss balls, pancakes, coffee creamer, and all the good things in-between!  I didn't realise first time round that making lovely little goodies for breakfast and as sweet treats after dinner wasn't part of the game plan.  So many rules and clearly I missed the most important one :o)

This time it's a little different as I am using Whole 30 to kick start the last effort to rid myself of the remaining kilos and finish this part of the journey so I can move to a maintenance philosophy in the new year ... seems like a superb idea, but as we know reality can be quite different!!  Any ho, join me on my journey as it's bound to be hilarious and have a multitude of ups and downs because that's life in a nutshell for me.  It's perfect timing to start something semi-extreme as here in NZ it's the first day of Spring and as happens so often when I blog about new beginnings it's teeming with rain!  However, that didn't stop me from going out walking this morning as I have been told numerous times and now truly believe I won't melt in the rain ... true story, I have not melted as yet.

So Day 1 was off to a flyer, I had predetermined that while the punks are getting ready for school I would have a piece of fruit, eating a full on meal at 6am doesn't hold any interest for me AT ALL.  I figured once the punks had left for the day, I would go for my usual walk/run and then come home and cook up some form of breakfast each day.  Savoury breakfasts are going to be where I struggle as I have only recently become a morning eater and as yet have not become a morning person ... it's really unlikely this will ever happen. While snacking seems like it's mostly a no-no and I guess the piece of fruit first thing might be seen as a snack, I've decided to go with it as it staves off hunger so I can do my usual morning exercise without force feeding myself.  Good news, this worked well this morning.  Had a banana while putting Pollyanna's hair up and coaxing the knots into a ponytail, I stayed sane during the process and their were no complaints from the head below.  I also managed an hours walk in the rain and came home ready to eat whatever it was I was going to conjure.  Turns out, today was also a good day to start as there was leftover roast beef, kumara, and sauteed veggies in the fridge that were happy to be inserted into an omelette.  The final outcome was less omelette more scrambled egg like but it was nonetheless delicious!!

Lunch was also a roaring success of mussels, lettuce, olives, green capsicum, and avocado ... would have loved a dollop of hummus or relish on top but that's prohibited for the next 30 days!  Dinner was a chicken pasta bake without the pasta, sugar, and a multitude of other things I would normally put in.  Served with a lettuce and avocado side salad, it too hit the spot ... not as much as the freshly chopped pineapple after it though!  So it was a day I got through.  I enjoyed what I ate and sadly grieved for the lack of popcorn and Salted Doritos :o)