Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Whole 30 - Day Two

More omelette looking than yesterdays attempt ... it was delicious, I was starving!
 Started with my morning fruit ... a banana, followed by a 4km walk and then home for breakfast.  I was HUNGRY, which I think is a win because I looked forward to breakfast even if it was full on savoury with no hint of a carb :o)  I used last nights leftover pasta-free chicken bake to fill my omelette this morning.

Lunch came as an inspiration from my sweet mum ... stuffed kumara.  I baked the kumara (sweet potato) whole and then scoped out the insides and mixed the kumara insides with half an avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and ham.  Then poked it all back in the kumara case, salt and peppered in and it was done and looking superb!!  So good and so hungry was I that I forgot to take a photo before devouring it .., oops :o)  I'll definitely be having it again so will take a photo next time.  It was really good and the avo made the mix quite creamy and not dry which was really nice.

Dinner was a quick affair as I was late getting home from the gym and exhausted as I made sure to do lots of moving today ... maybe a little too much as I am knackered which just makes me want to eat popcorn :o(  I sauteed off more mushrooms and the remaining leftover roast beef, added it to the top of a lettuce salad, and diced half an avo on top.  It too was delicious and also got eaten before I remembered the photo.

So by way of gratuitous eye fodder here is the Fitbit breakdown of my active day ... not too bad even if I do say so myself and that included a weights session that never earns you any miles!!

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  1. Definitely gonna try that sweet potato recipe - it sounds so yummy! Also can we be Fitbit friends?