Sunday, September 15, 2013

Finally! It was a GREAT run day

happy face, happy dance followed ;o)
Some days are pure gold and today was one of those running days.  Maybe it was the day off yesterday with no exercise that made me run with such enthusiasm and without the concrete legs.  It was so exciting and I knew before I had even finished my first run cycle it was going to go well ... probably because I was still breathing slowly and my brain was functioning without the usual oxygen depletion it works on while I'm out running!  More than likely, however, it was a result of the addition fitness work I have been doing and now its finally paying off, not that I'm impatient or anything ;0)

This week I will tackle Week Four and even if its a grind, get it done and run as best I can.  At the end of the week I'll reevaluate and work out whether I can can carry on or whether another redo will be in order.  No point in looking ahead though as one thing I have learnt over the last month is that every running day is completely different to the next!

In other news the Paleo Whole30 is going pretty well ... I miss the sugar in my now decaf coffee but hopefully by the end of the month I won't miss it as much as I do now!  I am over the first weeks lack lustre energy with the change in eating habits and am feeling much better today.  I was starting to get quite demoralised by the end of last week but things are looking far rosier the last couple of days and I have been branching out and trying lots of recipes from Pinterest ... I just forget to take photos as often its so good I forget to stop eating it :0D.  Below are a couple of the recipes the household have tried and enjoyed with links to their sources.

almond meal pancakes from its time to burn
this is the curried beef recipe from nom nom paleo, clearly mine didn't make
it into a frittata just into lettuce wraps :)
and on Thursday night we had these delicious Paleo Hawaiian Hamburgers,
idea from against all grain but i didn't use the recipe as we didn't have the
right ingredients, however the concept was awesome and so was the version
the peeps and i made!

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  1. Great work! I am loving reading all about you and your awesome-ness! x